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Handling Skills for Safe Therapy Dog Visits:  Preparation for Your Team Evaluation and Beyond

This 2 hour interactive discussion is designed for propective handlers looking for additional preparation before their Pet Partner team evaluation.  We will focus on the human side of the leash in this workshop--how to set your dog up for success in therapy visit environments.  You will learn the critical importance of being your animal's best advocate and what that looks like in a variety of situations.    Note that this class is for humans only—no dogs.

  • Fee: $20

  • Duration: 2 hour class

  • Prerequisites: None 

  • Location: Maple Park, IL

Upcoming Class Dates:

  • 12pm -1:30 Saturday May 7, 2022 - FULL

  • Instructor - Becky Jankowski, RN, MS, CPDT
    President, PAWSitive Therapy Troupe
    Pet Partner Team Evaluator and Instructor 

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